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Machine Direction Film Orienting Units (MDO)

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New large combined Chill Roll and Calendering attachment type LCCR-500, shown here with our 45 mm, 30 L/D single screw extruder













The attachment has the following main features:

       Width of rolling stack is 500 mm and it is suitable for production of films and sheets with a width up to around 450 mm.

       All 3 rolls in the rolling stack have a large diameter of 175 mm and are equipped with internal spiral water or oil heating and cooling channels for optimum heat distribution.

       The rolls are made of high grade tool steel of same high quality as we use for our two-roll mills. They are hardened and precision ground after which they are equipped with a hard chrome layer which again is precisions ground and polished to a mirror surface.

       The whole rolling stack assembly is made so that it can be tilted in any angel between vertical and horizontal position. For instance for thin films, when running with high viscosity polymers, a 45 degree position of the rolling stack is suitable and also more convenient than with the rolling stack laying down in horizontal position.

       The up and down movement of the rolling stack is made with a spindle driven by a gear motor and the whole stack is sliding on heavy duty pillars and bronze bearings

       The upper and lower rolls are laid against the center roll with high hydraulic force which enables calendaring of very smooth films and sheets.

       Each roll is driven individually by a shaft coupled geared variable speed AC servo motor which drive ensures a very precise control of the roll speeds.

       The rolls are made with heavy duty shafts and bearings to endure they can fully withstand the high lay on force from the hydraulic system.

       The rolls are equipped with hydraulic quick opening which will open up with a distance between rolls of 50 mm as shown to the left.











      The roll gap in closed position is set with precision tapered blocks through ratchet handles which allows for a very accurate adjustment. The gaps are indicated with four precision dial gauges.

       The control panel has the following instruments:

                                            Digital speed control to each of the three servo motors on the rolling stack

                                            Synchronous drive for all the rolling stack motors

                                            Three temperature regulators for controlling right center and left side of the flat die.

                                            Digital speed controls for the Nip-Roll and the wind up.

                                            Buttons for opening and closing individually the upper and lower Nip-Gaps between the three rolls

                                            Up-Down movement of the rolling stack assembly.

       The down side of the chill roll and calendaring line is equipped with heavy duty rubber Nip-Rolls which are driven individually by a variable speed AC gear motor. The speed is regulated on the control panel.

       Optionally the Calander and Chill Roll unit can be equipped with two or three built in water tempering unit for a max temperature of around 120 C.

       With another option the rolls can be heated and cooled with oil tempering units  for max temp of around 170C

       Each roll can also be regulated with individual tempering units.

       The unit can be equipped with optional edge cutter with motorized wind up cassettes for the edge trims.

       The standard wind up unit has pneumatic grippers for the bobbin and it is equipped with an adjustable slipping clutch for constant windup torque.

       Optionally the wind up station can be equipped with a bobbin free pneumatic expansion shaft system as shown to the right.

       The attachment can be used with our 25, 30 and 45 mm single screw as well as with our larger 20 and 26 mm twin screw extruders.

       Can be used with die widths from 300 to 450 mm.

       This attachment is also suitable for co-extrusion with our new larger feed block.





Technical Data for combined Calender and Chill roll attachment Type LCCR-500

Roll width                                                                                mm


Max. film width                                                                        mm


Max die width                                                                          mm


Roll diameter, all 3 rolls                                                          mm


Max. bearing force per side                                                    kN


Max. line pressure                                                                N/cm


Max Nip-Gap pressure                                                           kN










Lab sized Machine Direction Orienting

Available in Horizontal layout or Vertical

Small Lab sized MDO/Winder units available

Typical 5 - 7 X draw for Polypropylene Film

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7 Layer Cast Film Line with inline Vertical MDO Unit

5 Layer Blown Film Line with edge slitter & Vertical MDO unit for 1 web

winding lower web for future stretching.

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Typical Mixing Screw for Single Screw Extruders,  30:1, Maddock Mixer and Pineapple Mixer


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