3D High Speed Filament Line

High Speed Filament Production Line

with vacuum calibration for a high strand diameter precision

3D filament line offers top quality & performance

Quality & Performance! 3D Filament Production making 1KG rolls @100 meters/minute

This special “High Speed High Precision Filament Line” is made specifically to produce high precision 3D Filaments with an exact diameter from 1.75 to 3.00 mm with line speeds up to 100 m/min ensuring a homogeneous filament without any voids.  3D strand dies, made for ABS and PLA as well as most other polymer and compound types.  The standard high speed line features a 30mm, 30:1 extruder, 4 meter long vacuum calibration/cooling tank, high speed belt puller with servo drive, and single large roll winder, or two smaller roll winder for engineering filled materials that run a slower line speed

4.0 meter length stainless steel vacuum sizing / cooling & calibrationA 4-meter long filament calibration water bath is comprised of a stainless steel vacuum sizing/cooling tank and calibration bath equipped with water heater. The Vacuum section with heavy duty hinged Plexiglas lid and quick vacuum release valve mounted on top of the lid. It has a calibration tube inside the vacuum chamber and a dual strand suction units at the end of the water cooling bath.

When running high speed runs, the single large roll winder is used, and then transferred to smaller .5kg or 1 kg rolls.

3D Filaments

Single large roll filament winder

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