Single Layer Lab Blown Film

Single Layer High Output Blown Film Lines

compact film blowing

LF-250, 200mm wide layflat

medium blowing line

LF-400, 350mm wide layflat

large film blowing lines

LF 600, LF-700, 550mm & 650mm layflat

  • Single-lip air ring cooling is standard.
  • Optional dual lip high flow air ring.
  • Nip rolls and guide rolls are  from 250mm wide to 700mm wide.
  • Layflat film width: 200mm up to 650mm
  • Extruders sizes from 12.5mm up to 60mm
  • Die size (orifice diameter): 40 mm to 120 mm diameter
  • Die opening: 0.8mm (standard) (other sizes on request)
  • Nip rolls (top of tower) can optionally be water cooled.
  • Guide (stabilizing) cage with Teflon rollers  – simultaneous quick adjustment feature (optional)
  • Air supplied by a turbo blower. Infinitely variable speed air flow.
  • Collapsing frame (“tent”) can be made with carbon fiber rollers instead of polished teak for low friction and low inertia.
  • Optional motorized tower height adjustment.
  • Optional oscillating haul-off at top of tower.
  • Optional automatic web guiding (centering) system
  • Optional film edge trimming – for making two single layers of film
  • Optional blown film side splitting, optional unfolders are available, or for use with MDO’s.
  • Optional two-station windup unit for the edge trimmed film
  • Optional constant film tension windup system are available
    • For either single-station windup or two-station windup
    • A load cell detects the film tension and adjusts the torque on the roll drive accordingly
    • Film windup tension is constant at all roll diameters
    • Roll width up to a maximum of 700mm