Electric press, no hydraulics

Automatic Electric Press with No Hydraulics

This laboratory press has no hydraulics and the up stroke pressure is achieved by a ball screw which is driven by a AC gear motor. The press is the first fully electric version in the world which featuring electric driven insert platens as well a computerized touch screen controls with easy to understand graphics. The press has a max pressure of 20 MT and platen sizes of 200 x 200 mm. The mold is here placed on a platform in between the hot pressing platens and the fully automatic press cycle starts with the hot platens clamping the mold and during the hot pressing cycle, the mold can be set to vent by opening and closing the press for a short period. When the hot press cycle is completed, the platens opens and the cooling platens are inserted in between the hot platens and the mold. The press is then closed and the cooling platens are now clamping the mold. When the cooling cycle is completed, the press will open and the mold is ready to be removed from the platform. The pressure is sensed by a transducer on the piston and it is set at and shown at any required value up to maximum of 200 kN.

The standard model electric press comes with two daylights and one time. However optional alternative configurations are two daylights and two timers or one daylight and 2 timers.

hydraulic press with automatic cooling system

Hydraulic presses with optional automatic platens insert cooling system

Hydraulic laboratory presses from 20 to 80 metric tons platen pressure. A double set of heating and cooling platens are standard. Available with a fully automatic platen insert cooling system as well as many platen configurations and control options.

The Laboratory press, when used in conjunction with our Roll Mill, offers the custom compounder the fastest, most economical method of color sampling for compounds.

This is a very low cost, quicker method than Injection Molding Color Chips, or Extruding samples.